small movers in the Los Angeles County area and other Los Angeles area moving services including 2 men and a van, a man with a van and other movers


classified listing of movers in Los Angeles and LA County area. Movers for small jobs at a discount rate, and movers for apartments and offices the Los Angeles area

Arron (move your pool table)
description: to move your pool table
location: Houston, TX
phone: 281-818-5054
Cheap Movers (lowest fee, discount movers)
description: your truck and they help you move
fee: $15/hour per man, 4 hour minimum
location: Houston, Area
phone: 520-358-9610
Jeremy (moving truck and enclosed trailer available)
description: insured mover with a moving truck and moving trailer
location: Houston, Tx
phone: 832-715-7691
Martha (packing and moving)
description: help with packing and moving
location: Houston area, Southwest area
phone: 832-969-3632
Rome Melchor (special flat fee)
description: 2 man movers, labor-only moves
rates: $100 flat fee available
location: Houston, Tx
phone: 713-972-4066
Twin (moving trash & garbage, flexible schedule)
description: to move your trash
location: Houston, Texas
phone: 713-882-4455
description: moving trash or to move trash
location: Houston area
phone: 832-329-7865